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Nippon Japanese Restaurant
103 South US Highway 1 Suite E-3 | jupiter, Florida
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Nippon Japanese Restaurant

Sushi Bar & Hibachi Grill

The freshest, most creative sushi. Succulent steak & crisp vegetables cooked right at your table.

Join us for a unique Japanese experience!

We offer delicious traditional and modern Japanese dishes that's sure to please first-timers and veterans alike. Customers can sit at our Hibachi Tables for an exciting dinner show cooked up right in front of them. A feast for the eyes for sure. For a quieter, more relaxed atmosphere, we offer regular tables, as well as traditional style, Tatami floor seats with low, cozy tables. If you've new to sushi, be sure to check out our counter seats at the sushi bar, and perhaps learn a thing or two about the art of sushi-making while you eat.

Our Opening Hours: Monday - Friday: 12 - 10PM Saturday: 5 - 10PM Sunday: 5 - 9PM


Dining, Dinner, Lunch Nippon Japanese Restaurant Menu Dinner
Dining, Dinner, Lunch Nippon Japanese Restaurant Menu Lunch

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