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December 2, 2007
by Rick Larson

$$$ Earn Some Extra Income with The Grub Club®. Find out how.

The Grub Club® is a free service offering an easy way for restaurants to get their menus online. There are so many restaurants that either do not have a web site or have outdated menus online. The Grub Club® system makes it easy to keep menus up to date with quick accessibility to the website by the restaurant owner or manager. They can login from any computer with Internet access and update their menus on an as - needed basis. Changes can be made anytime and are updated in real-time. No waiting for someone else to complete the process.

The Grub Club® can increase a restaurant’s business at no cost to them. All they have to do is input their menu on the website for marketing on the Internet by The Grub Club®.. Restaurants are encouraged to use the information provided by The Grub Club® to improve their position with the search engines for even more traffic and customers.

How can you benefit from this service? If you are marketing a product or service to restaurants, you know that it is good to warm up a prospect before the sale. Telling them about a free service that can help their business grow is about the best way there is to get an owner or manager interested in talking to you.

Recommendation. Go to TheGrubClub.com and look over the website. Notice the list of ways it helps restaurants improve their business through this free online menu service. Also read over the “About Us” page because it tells why the The Grub Club® was started. Now that you are familiar with the program, call or go into a restaurant you are interested in selling to and ask for the owner or manager. When they arrive tell them about The Grub Club® and how it can help them improve their business. Be sure to explain the reason for starting it. If they already have a web site, tell them that The Grub Club® is working to be a centralized location for menus on the Internet. They can go to The Grub Club® and list their restaurant and the menus and still get more customers because of the access to additional web marketing.

Now that you have spent a few minutes talking to the owner/manager, you should have provided some assistance to them in growing their business and found out a little about their business, including the manager's name. At this point, you have also started to develop some rapport with them. If you feel like the time is right, ask them if they are interested in your product or service. Otherwise, give them a flyer on The Grub Club® and, of course, your business card. Either way you can now call them in a few days and they will know who you are and be willing to talk to you.

Talking Points
- 89% Of Consumers Research Online Before Selecting A Restaurant - ( Complete Article )
- Better service for your existing customers. Many people would call in an order and stop by to dine in or take out if they only had your menu.
- Stop Faxing Your Menu - Give out the web address of your online menu instead.
Additional Information
- Use TheGrubClub.com like your own FREE restaurant web site. Once you post your menu and it is verified, you can add a directory name which is then used as your URL. You get a simple web address like www.thegrubclub.com/a/your-restaurant-name. It is easy to give out on the phone and easy to put in an advertisement.
- Once a menu is completed online, there is information on getting traffic to their website including the 4 most important things to do to get potential customers to view your menu.

There is a great article about The Grub Club® here:
www.ThreeRiversLifestyle.com/summer 2007
This article was highlighted in a local magazine and is very well written. The photos are excellent.

If you really want the sale, enter the menu for them; saving your potential new customer time and they will really appreciate your help. Collect their menus and get their contact information including owner/manager's name, restaurant name, address and phone numbers. And also make sure you get a valid email address which you will need for registration. If they can give you them as files, Word documents or PDF's, that will make it easier for you. After you complete adding the menu and it is activated, you will have access to information on getting more traffic to a restaurant's menus. You can do as much as you like to help out the restaurant. It would be even better if you worked with the owner. Read over the information and then call the manager before you get started.

If you have questions call or email us. We are glad to help.

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