Missoula, MT
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Hilltop Restaurant
61991 E. 315 Rd.
Grove, Oklahoma

phone: (918) 787-9970 fax: (918) 786-7753
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Hours: Tuesday through Saturday - 11AM to 9 PM, Sunday 11AM to 2 PM

European style dining with European and local cuisine much of which is home made or made from scratch. The casual, laid back atmosphere and reasonable prices belies the fine dining experience that is yours at the Hilltop Restaurant. Specials everyday and many discounts so make sure to ask about them. Family friendly & handicap accessible, the building is two stories and 7200 square feet. There is space to relax and two bathrooms on each floor. Also available are a full bar and conference room for events and family gatherings. Please let us know you found us on the Internet!

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