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Mana Sushi Teriyaki and Wok
435 SW Sedgewick Rd
Port Orchard, Washington

phone: 360.895.0606
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Hours: M-F 11am-9pm Sa 12pm-9pm Su Closed



Kids Meals


Side Order




Teriyaki Bowl


Lunch Combos






Tempura - Katsu - Udon




Fried Rice




Bento Box #1


Bento Box #2


Bento Box #3


++Sushi Rolls++


++Tempura Rolls++


++Sushi Platter++






++WA State Board of Health++


**Please Note: This menu is currently under construction and the prices may not be up to date**** While every effort to provide accurate, up to date information will be made, item availability and prices are subject to change at any time without notice

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