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Jury's Food & Drink
4337 North Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, Illinois

phone: 773.935.2255

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How To Find Us

4337 N. Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 935.2255

Main Entrees

All main entrees include a cup of today's soup or a house salad.All Steak, Chop, and Seafood entrees also include your choice of potato or vegetable.


Farfalle Pasta with Diablo Sauce
Bow tie pasta with spicy garlic marinara
Add grilled chicken $12.95
Shrimp or Scallop Pasta
Penne pasta with choice of spicy garlic shrimp OR scallops and tomatoes.


Sautéed Walleye Pike
Lightly breaded and full of flavor
Broiled Norwegian Salmon Fillet
Brushed with lemon caper butter
Crab Cake Dinner
Two delicious sautéed crab cakes served with dill sauce
Jumbo Fried Gulf Coast Shrimp
Lightly breaded and served with a cockatil sauce
Brazilian Rock Lobster Tails
7oz lobster tail
Single tail dinner $18.95
Two 7 oz. tails $34.95

Steaks & Chops

Choice Aged Center Cut New York Strip
Incredibly tender 8oz. top loin cut
8 oz. $14.95
14 oz. $23.95
Certified Angus Beef Top Sirloin Butt Steak
Lean and flavorful Angus sirloin cut
6 oz. $10.95
12 oz. $17.95
Choice Aged Center Cut Ribeye Steak
Popular boneless 12 oz. rib cut
Special Choice Aged T-Bone Steak
Beautiful 18 oz. dry aged T-Bone cut
Choice Filet Mignon
The finest cut of dry aged Filet grilled to your specification
6 oz. $15.95
10 oz. $25.95
Open Face Steak Sandwich
Served on toasted garlic bread

6oz. Butt Steak $10.956oz. Filet Mignon $15.95
Steak & Crab Cake Dinner
6 oz. Filet Mignon & a tasty sauteed crab cake
Steak & Shrimp
6 oz. Filet Mignon & 3 jumbo shrimp
Steak & Lobster
6 oz. Filet Mignon & 7 oz. Rock Lobster tail
Center Cut Pork Chops
Thick center cuts of pork served with rosemary garlic sauce
One Chop $9.95
Two Chops $13.95
Center Cut 5oz. Lamb Chops
Tender cuts of lamb, chopped thick, seasoned with fresh rosemary and served with mint jelly
One Chop $10.95
Two Chops $16.95Three Chops $22.95

Enhance any of the above steaks with Jury's special Steak Seasoning!

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A classy joint without the classy prices!

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