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Rockwell's Neighborhood Grill
4632 North Rockwell Street
Chicago, Illinois

phone: 773.509.1871

Cheddar Fries…..Half…3.95 Full…5.95
Handcut potatoes topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, chives and
jalapenos served with our homemade ranch on the side
Chips with Homemde Salsa…..3.95
Add Queso or Guacamole…..1.50
All Three…..5.95
Homemade Chicken Flautas…..5.95
Shredded seasoned chicken and cheese rolled in a corn tortilla served
with a side of chipotle ranch.
Homemade French Fries.....2.95
Washed here, cut here, cooked here, and they certainly aren't French!
Nachos (Ground beef, Chicken, Veggie).....6.95
Homemade corn chips topped with black beans, REAL hand-grated
Wisconsin cheddar cheese, jack cheese, jalapenos, tomatoes and sour
cream. Served with a side of our homemade salsa.
Texas Toothpicks.....5.95
Battered, sliced jalapenos and onions fried to crispy perfection and
served with our homemade ranch dressing.
Artichoke and Parmesan Huummus.....5.95
Our own creation. Served with home-cooked crispy pita chips.

Sandwiches & Such
Add Cheese for 50 cents more:
Swiss, American, Cheddar, Jack & Pepperjack
½ lb. Certified Angus beef patty cooked medium with mustard, pickle,
red onion, lettuce and tomato.
Veggie Burger…..7.50*
Gardenburger dressed the same way as our burger.
Fish Sandwich…7.95*
Tilapia filet topped with homemade tartar, lettuce, tomato and red
onion. (Regular or Blackened)
Grilled Chicken Sandwich…..6.95*
Marinated breast topped with mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and red
Smoked Turkey Club…..7.95*
Thinly shaved turkey breast, jack cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo,
and red onion.
French Dip…..7.95*
Thinly sliced roast beef topped with melted Swiss cheese and served
with a side of au jus.
BBQ Chicken Sandwich…..7.95*
Grilled chicken breast, BBQ sauce, grilled onions, bacon and cheddar
Southwest Chicken Sandwich…..7.95*
Sliced grilled chicken breast with strips of grilled jalapenos and onions,
guacamole and melted pepperjack cheese on a hoagie.
Chicken Strips…..7.25*
Served with homemade ranch, honey mustard or BBQ sauce for dippin.
Burrito (Beef, Chicken or Veggie)…..8.50*
(Veggie includes grilled green pepper, onions and mushrooms) Large
flour tortilla filled with your choice of main ingredient, melted jack
cheese, black beans, rice, and topped off with cool lettuce, tomato,
sour cream and guacamole just before roll-up. Served with a side of
chips and salsa.

Add Bacon to any sandwich for 1.00
Add guacamole or avocado for 1.50
Add jalapenos, mushrooms or side of dressing for 40 cents

*All of these sandwiches are served with your choice of homemade
fries, pasta salad, small dinner salad, or black bean & corn salad


Chicken Monterrey…..10.95
Grilled chicken breast topped with grilled green peppers & onion and
finished off with melted jack cheese. Served with a black bean and
corn salad and a small guacamole salad.
Beef or Chicken Fajitas.....10.95
Veggie Fajitas.....9.95
All fajitas served with flour tortillas, sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes,
hand-grated Wisconsin cheddar cheese and our homemade chips and
8 oz. Salmon Filet.....13.95
Lemon-pepper grilled, Teriyaki-glazed or Blackened filet served with
potato and veggie of the day.
Pork Chop…..12.95
Grilled Sage-rubbed OR Blackened Chop served with potato and veggie
of the day.
10 oz. Certified Angus Top Sirloin…..14.95
Served with potato and veggie of the day.
Carne Asada.....12.95
Char-grilled skirt steak served with Mexican veggies and guacamole
11 oz. Strip Steak.....16.95
Grilled to perfection and served with potato and veggie of the day.

Greens & More
Dressings: Honey Mustard, Ranch, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Bleu Cheese,
Italian, Chipotle Ranch, Dijon Vinaigrette

Dinner Salad…..3.25 ADD Chicken...2.50
Caesar Salad…..5.95
Romaine lettuce with parmesan cheese and croutons tossed in a creamy
Caesar dressing.
Spinach Salad.....6.95 ADD Chicken...2.50
Fresh spinach topped with real chopped bacon, crumbled bleu cheese,
sliced mushrooms, tomatoes and shaved red onion. Tossed in our
homemade dijon vinaigrette.
Chicken Pasta Salad…..8.50
Cool pasta spirals, tomato, parmesan cheese, red onion, black olives,
green pepper and grilled chicken breast, tossed in our homemade
balsamic vinaigrette.
Taco Salad (Beef, Chicken or Veggie)…..8.95
Mixed greens in a large tortilla shell with tomato, jack cheese, black
beans, sour cream, guacamole, and red onion.
Recommended Dressing: Chipotle Ranch
Chopped chicken Salad…..8.95
Mixed greens topped with chopped grilled chicken, avocado, bacon,
tomato, and shredded jack cheese.
Recommended Dressing" Balsamic Vinaigrette

The Soup Line (Always Homemade!)
Cup…..2.95 Bowl…..4.95

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Chicken and Sausage Gumbo


Ask your server for our Daily Features!

*Prices subject to change without notice


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