Missoula, MT
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Montana Club
2620 Brooks
Missoula, Montana

phone: 406-543-3200

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About The Montana Club
A new Missoula tradition was born when Bob Powell and Nick Alonzo opened The Montana Club. The idea was a simple one, to provide friendly down-to-earth service, portions so big there’s something left over for a midnight snack and to serve it all up in a cozy lodge-like atmosphere. From pasta and pizza to burgers and steaks, The Montana Club has created a diverse menu of selections to please any palate. An extensive selection of beverages which include beer and wine will compliment any meal. Both Montana Club locations also provide private gaming areas.

Quality is Guaranteed
We are involved in all aspects of our restaurants including taste testing and selection of quality ingredients. We guarantee that you’ll have a quality experience at The Montana Club. Because the greatest complement we can receive is your return, we’re constantly striving to improve your dining experience and appreciate your feedback. We’re happy to serve you at The Montana Club.

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