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LePeep Grill & Catering!
1000 W. Washington Blvd.
Chicago, Illinois

phone: 312-563-9990

Lunch at LePeep Grill & Catering!

Breakfast, brunch & lunch are served all day long, every day!

Crepes & Pastas

Served with a warm breadstick.

Spinach Crepes Benedict...6.79
Fresh spinach, mushrooms, broccoli and diced tomatoes rolled into our crepes and smothered with creamy Hollandaise sauce. Served with Peasant Potatoes.
Chicken Crepes Benedict...7.29
Diced chicken, fresh mushrooms, broccoli and tomatoes rolled into our crepes and smothered with Hollandaise. Served with Peasant Potatoes.

Pasta with Grilled Veggies...6.75
We start with penne pasta. Add fresh sauteed veggies, mushrooms, garlic olive oil, ribbons of fresh basil and sprinkle it with parmesan cheese.
Pasta with Grilled Chicken...7.49
Everything above topped with sliced char-grilled chicken breast.
Pasta with Alaskan Salmon...8.25
Topped with poached Alaskan salmon fillet & a lemon wedge.

Fresh Salads

Served with a warm breadstick and sprinkled with our homemade seasoned croutons. Served with your choice of dressings: Ranch, Caesar, Bleu Cheese, Honey Lime, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Low-fat French, House (Creamy Italian).

Fresh Garden Salad...5.99
Fresh romaine & leaf lettuce, with bell pepper rings, tomato wedges, cucumber and avocado.
Grilled Chicken Salad...7.49
Everything above topped with sliced, char-grilled, seasoned chicken breast.
Blackened Salmon Salad...8.25
Our fresh garden salad topped with lean and tasty cajun seasoned grilled Alaskan salmon.
Chicken Caesar Salad...7.49
We take crisp leaf and hearts of romaine lettuce, tomato wedges, hard boiled egg and homemade croutons. Add a grilled chicken breast, toss with our creamy Caesar dressing and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.
Light Turkey Salad...6.49
Romaine and leaf lettuce, cucumber slices, tomato wedges, combo cheese, and roasted lean turkey.
BLT Blues Salad...6.95
We mix together crumbled bleu cheese, diced bacon, tomato wedges and fresh romaine and leaf lettuce all tossed with our creamy house dressing.
Buffalo Chicken Salad...7.49
Romaine and leaf lettuce, bell pepper rings, tomato wedges and cucumber slices topped with deep fried breaded chicken tenders tossed in our spicy Buffalo hot sauce.
Soup & Salad Combo...6.29
Bowl of our hot & hearty soup du jour with a fresh garden salad and warm breadstick.


A Panini is an Italian grilled sandwich, filled with fresh ingredients and warmed to create a crisp crust. They're delicious! Served with choice of Criss Cross Fries, Fresh Fruit, Side Garden Salad or Soup du jour.

Ham & Cheese...6.29
Smoked ham & Swiss cheese on Rosemary Sourdough bread with a touch of Dijon mustard.
Smoked turkey, crisp bacon, Swiss cheese, sliced tomatoes and mayonnaise on Rosemary Sourdough.
Tomato & Cheese...5.59
Swiss cheese and sliced tomatoes on sourdough bread brushed with olive oil.
Chicken Florentine...7.59
Grilled chicken breast, sliced tomato, fresh spinach, Swiss cheese, Dijon mustard all seasoned with Italian herbs on sourdough.

Burger Bash

All served with Criss Cross Fries.

"Good Ole" Burger...5.99
A third pound of lean ground beef on a Kaiser roll, with lettuce, tomato and a pickle spear.
Build It!...
Build your burger sky high, if you'd like. Add any of the following ingredients for .50 each:
Combo cheese, Swiss cheese, Bleu cheese, bacon strips, mushrooms, grilled onion, grilled pepper, avocado, jalapenos, homemade salsa.

Fowl Play

Served with your choice of Criss Cross Fries, Fresh Fruit, Side Garden Salad or Soup du jour.

Slick Chick...6.49
A moist tender breast of chicken, char-grilled and served simply with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on a French roll.
Cajun Chicken...7.59
Grilled New Orleans style with a blend of Cajun spices covered with Monterey Jack cheese and topped with bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.

Sandwich Board

Served with chice of Criss Cross Fries, Soup du jour, Fresh Fruit or Side Garden Salad.

Ultimate BLT...6.79
Our version of the classic. Bacon, lettuce and tomatoes, stacked high with a patchwork of melted combo cheese.
Turkey Veggie...6.99
Grilled sourdough bread with warmed lean turkey, fresh veggies, mushrooms, tomato and melted combo cheese.
California Turkey...6.99
Grilled pita, lean turkey, melted Jack cheese, sliced avocado, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. Delicious!
Chicken Fajita Pita...7.49
Tender grilled chicken breast strips with onions and bell pepper. Served on a pita with all the right stuff!
Blackened Salmon Steak...8.25
Grilled to perfection with New Orleans style Cajun spices. Served on a Freanch roll with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.
Chicago Steak Sandwich...8.25
Char-grilled 6oz. rib-eye topped with grilled onions, mushrooms and melted Swiss on a French roll.

On the Side

Soup du jour...cup...2.09...bowl...2.99
Side Garden Salad...2.75
Criss Cross Fries...2.79
Fries with Melted Combo Cheese...3.19
Add a side salad or cup of soup to any lunch entree...1.99

Thank You ** 16% gratuity will be included in the check for parties of 8 or more. Parties of 8 or more may NOT split checks.

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