Missoula, MT
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Freemo's Pizza
1801 Brooks St. | Missoula, Montana

Freemo's Pizza is an "all you can eat" pizza buffet featuring amazing traditional pizzas, mild to wild specialty pizzas, decadent dessert pizzas, fresh pasta, and an excellent salad bar loaded with all the fixings, all for just $4.99. Freemo's also offers bottomless fountain drinks as well as beer and wine.

Freemo's is an excellent choice for group gatherings, parties, or a family dinner out on the town. In addition to the food and beverages, Freemo's Pizza has an arcade full of games that are fun for kids and adults alike. From Air Hockey and Foosball to Skeeball and Basketball, you are sure to find a game everyone can enjoy.

Come on down to Freemo's and let us make you a pizza just the way you want it!


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