Missoula, MT
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Tipu's Tiger - CLOSED
115 1/2 | Missoula, Montana
(406) 555-5555

About Tipu's
The Cuisine at Tipuís Tiger is a blending of different cultures. †We have dishes that are mostly from the western and northern parts of India. It is a cuisine developed over several years, in our attempt to meet the needs and taste buds of western palates. Many of the recipes have been handed down from my family. Others, we have developed with the help of many people who have worked here. Our lunch menu is an expression of our eclectic dishes ranging from traditional Indian to Mexican to completely innovative dishes. We pride ourselves in trying to be open to new ideas and trying our best to provide you with a great dining experience.

We are always open to your comments and suggestions, please feel free write them in our comment book.

Tipuís Tiger...a little history
Tipuís Tiger is the name-sake of an exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Itís an organ shaped like a tiger, which when wound up growls as it devours a British soldier! It was given to Tipu Sultan the last of the Indian Kings to resist the British domination of India.

The restaurant opened in the summer of 1997 at its original location on Higgins St. The first Indian and Vegetarian restaurant in Montana. Many of the recipes are family based from India and East Africa as well as ones we have created over the years in Tipuís Tiger.

Our mission is to serve you freshly prepared delicious vegetarian and vegan food in a friendly, healthy environment.


Dining, Dinner, Lunch Tipu's Tiger - CLOSED Menu Catering
Dining, Dinner, Lunch Tipu's Tiger - CLOSED Menu Dinner
Dining, Dinner, Lunch Tipu's Tiger - CLOSED Menu Lunch

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