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Getting Top Search Engine Listings for Your Restaurant

This is part 2 for our series on marketing a restaurant online.

We will freely give out this information. However, since we are giving away our hard earned knowledge for free we need to make it count. So the only requirement is that you post your complete menu here first. Once it is validated you will be able to view all our info about getting listed on Google, Yahoo and several other critical travel web site. We will also let you know which sites you need to register with to get listed on other highly rated sites and how to get Yahoo to show pictures of your restaurant on their site.

If your restaurant just opened there is probably no way for us to validate your listing. In that case you can mail or fax us a newspaper clipping or your listing in your local chamber of commerce so that we can tell that your restaurant actually exists. Our contact page has specifics on how to reach TheGrubClub.com.


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