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What is TGC?
Abbreviation for "The Grub Club".  Obvious I know.

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Costs and Requirements for using TGC menu on another web site.
There is no costs for this system.  However, a link to our
web site from your is required.  It must be on your home
page or the menu page showing TGC menu.  The feed provides a
link back so if your don't modify the feed there is nothing
that you actually need to do.

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How do I add a menu to The Grub Club web site?
This system is designed so that menus can be added without
any programming or web design experience. We tried to make
it as easy and user friendly as possible. However, this was
done by people who spend all day at the computer so what
seems easy to them may not be easy to you.  We will keep
working on making it easier.

1) Register
2) Enter Restaurant info - address, phone, etc.
3) Choosse a name for the Menu, ie. Dinner
4) Next add Categories, ie. Appetizers, Entree, Salad,
Dessert etc.
5) Now choose the link "Add / Edit Items in this Category"
and start adding items to the Category.  This is where you
out the item name, description and price.
6) When you are done with a Category click the "Admin Home"
link on the left to get bact to the main menu.

From the main menu you will notice the links "Preview Menu"
and "Printable Menu (pdf)" next to the menu name.  These
links allow you to preview and printout your menu as you go
along so that you can tell how everything is working.

Note:  If you cannot see your address correct State
name to the abbreviation or correct the Country to the
3-letter ISO abbreviation, ie. USA for United States.

Please make sure to read the hints as you go along.

Good Luck!

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How do I add The Grub Club menu to My web site?
1) See FAQ about requirements for using this feature.
2) Go to your Grub Club menu.  Something like:
replace /r/  with  /feed/  like this:

Option a) PHP 
include '';

Option b) iframe

Add this tag to your menu page where you want The Grub Club
<iframe id="logos" name="logos" style="position:relative;
left:0px; top:0px; width:500px; height:500px; z-index:4"
frameborder="no" scrolling="yes"

The look of the menu can be partially cotrolled with
h1 >> Size and look the Restaurant Name
p14px >> Size and look of address and phone
category >> Size and look of category name
menu >> Size and look of most menu text
menu_item >> Size and look of item name
lighter >> Color of light highlight
darker >> Color of Dark highlight

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