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$$$ Earn Some Extra Income with The Grub Club®.


We are setting up Local Grub Clubs® across the US and Canada. Help us set one up in your area and we will split the advertising income with you.

How would this work? We would provide you a web site based on The GrubClub®.com. You would add restaurant menus or get restaurant to add their own menu and then sell advertising. You do the front-end work and do we do the back end work. This would free us up to improve the system and add new features. You would benefit by getting an extra income and also get the satisfaction of helping someone in need. For more information about helping someone else please read this. If we can get several local Grub Club®'s going this idea could take off. All the local sites would benefit and cash in if that happens. The more people suceeding the more we will all make.

What is a Local Grub Club®? A Grub Club® that focuses on one area like a small metropolitan area like Missoula, Montana or part of a large metro area like Dallas.

Why start now? You will get the best deal possible. The more people building local Grub Clubs® the more we all suceed. That makes people who waited for us to do the work first less valuable. We won't be willing to split the profits and acceptace will be more difficult. You will also get more help from us. We will show you how to use our system and also how to get traffic to the web site. We already have many systems in place for driving traffic to the site. If you have a blog that is another great way to drive traffic and also to get paid for blogging. We also have scripts written for contacting restaurants and the article mentioned above really tells a compelling story. People really want to help and you can enable them to help and also improve their business. If you read our blog you may have noticed that "89% Of Consumers Research Online Before Selecting A Restaurant". See August 20, 2007. Many, many restaurants don't have anything online and The Grub Club® addresses that for free.

Requirements: You must have a street address in the area that you are will to publish on the Internet. You cannot work for or be affiliated with any company or organization that competes with The Grub Club®. You must actively develop you local Grub Club®.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in please email your resume to . No investment is required, only your time and effort.

Why Try? Based on research into the Missoula, Montana market and USA in general it looks like a great Local Grub Club could earn $30,000 per year in advertising dollars. This assumes that there are many other Local Grub Clubs driving traffic to and from each other. I also assumes that you can attract big dollar advertisers like banks and big box stores. So half that is $15,000 per 100,000 people, Missoula has about that many in the metro area. I believe that a single person working part time could accomplish this with some persistance. I means contacting restaurants to get them to post their menus and finding all the menus already on the Internet in your area. Then you need to great traffic to the site which we can help you with.

Like I said, with work there is potential for a big payoff.

You could try another affiliate program. There are many down sides to that. Everytime I look into those my brain says way to difficult and no support. They all seem to say we have a great program and product. What they give you is a link to their site and maybe permission to use some of their content. Then you are on your own as far as creating content to attract visitors. To make matters worse there is no limit to how many affilates they will allow to market the product. You could be completing against 5000 other affiliates.

This won't happen at The Grub Club. There are only so many communities that will support a Local Grub Club. We need to make everyone succeed so that is a big encentive for us to help you.

What Else?

Commissions for web design projects referrals or sales. Commissions for Online ordering -coming soon.

We will be spending our income on programmers and designers working on improving the overall systems and adding many more features. Some will be free and some will be paid. You will be given an opportunity to sell these also.

If you already sell to the restuarnat industry this would be a great way to develop a repore with owners. Imagine calling on them and telling them about this free service that can imporve their business. Then call them a few weeks later and offer to put their menu up for them. After that call and tell them how to get more traffic to the menus. Ask them to give you a write up to add to the restaurant description. After a while they are so indepted to you they will want to buy the product you are selling. We have even written a script to get you started. In fact, we have a general plan on how to develop a Local Grub Club that we would be gald to share with you once you get going.

How Big is the Market?

The Key to Success is to be local and up to date. Locals must find it, use it and tell their friends. There are many sites doing addresses and reviews. Most take there information from each other and don't have any idea if the resaturant even exists. Locals know what open and what closed. They know that a restuarant is remodeling but will reopen. The traveling public will come to trust the Local Grub Clubs and go there first when traveling. Especially if we can provide them with the local perspective. There are all sorts of things locals and travelers want to know. Which restaurant has a free wireless internet that works. Who has the best coffee. Where is there a nice deck with a view.




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