Wheelchair Vans for Children

Do you need a wheel chair van to transport you son or daughter? Are you looking for a way to purchase one of the specialize vans? There are grants available. Unfortunately, I know of no funding source specifically for Wheelchair Vans or Wheelchair vans for kids. There is funding available for special needs or disabled children and some organizations will help. As you probably know these vans are very expensive. Converting a van can easily add $15,000 to the cost. There are a few van manufacturers that have designed their vehicles to be wheelchair accessible as an add on option. These are also expensive.

We were able to get our van with the help of a foundation that helped us with another issue. They made a large donation but it was not enough to pay for the van. In the end we raised additional funds and bought a used van that had been converted to have rear access for a wheelchair. This was not the best option but we do have a functioning wheelchair van to transport our daughter.

Let it Rain

For you there may be another option. What if your income was increased to the point of being able to afford to purchase a van without assistance? Would that work for your family? TGC has a program to help in this way. It is not a do it yourself project. I we charge nothing to help you. We do most of the work and you get most of the income. This took me a long time to figure out so it is not too good to be true. Our family is 19 years into helping our daughter so I have time to develop this method. There are people that will help disabled children.

I am happy to tell you about this but I am not going to share it here were the world can see. This methodology could easily be used by people with other needs and then we would have to compete with them. The Special Needs community is already competing for resources in every area and doesn't need more taken away from them. If you would like more information please fill out the form below.


If you doubt my sincerity in this offer please take a look at the pages list below. They show a little of what our family has been through and why I want to help others in similar situations.

Once we receive your contact information we can schedule a time to talk. We can discuss your needs and how tGC can help you and determine if you qualify for our assistance. The two main qualifications are that your child has been a Special Needs child since birth or early childhood and that your family's needs exceed your income. Then I will explain how the program works. This is pretty easy and doesn't take long. If we decide this program is for you and that we are will to

Your next step is to fill out the form above.