Increase Your Income by Helping Others

Yes, you can improve your income by helping someone else. In this case you will be helping disabled children and their families. This could include adult children that are still living with their parents. The disabled because my family fits this description so I know what they are facing. My daughter is 19 and was born with special needs so I have quite a good understanding of this group. I could choose to apply this knowledge to just my family but I would like to help those in a similar position with similar needs. Much like most people I have been working to help my family for years. It gets overwhelming. By helping others it provides motivation to keep going. By working with you and others I have a network to support and to support me. We give each other a reason to work and succeed.

Try helping others first and see if you don't get more out of it both in terms of satisfaction and finances.

How does this work? Let me start by telling you what it is not. It is not a governmental program. It is not fundraising. While useful, both of these fall well short of the long term needs of children with disabilities. It does not require volunteers in that there is no financial compensation. All the current methods for funding the needs of the disabled require taxes, donations or volunteers. Unfortunately, these all fail in the long term so parents are ultimately responsible for any and all unmet needs. This puts a substantial long term load on parents that can last the rest of their life.

So after many years of consideration and living what I have described my conclusion external forces must come together to increase the family income. This must be a substantial increase to the point one parent can quit working.

Let me step back. I am not considering helping families with minor needs. Any disability is heartbreaking but in many cases disability gobbles up most of the families resources in terms of money but also time, energy and optimism.

        These are the people who truly need help.

To increase income for this group without taxes, fundraising or volunteers there is only one way I know of. Business. A group of motivated people could form a group to build and maintain a small profitable business that produces a monthly income. It would have to be owned by the family but run by others. The others would and must be compensated long term so that they can afford to help over the long term. It must also be able to handle the coming and going and of people within the group.

That's it.

I encourage you to take a look at the links to the three articles below. They show a little of what our family has been through and why I want to help others in similar situations.