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Top Reasons to Add an Online Menu for Your Restaurant

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  • 89% Of Consumers Research Online Before Selecting A Restaurant

  • Better service for your existing customers. Many people would call in an order and stop by to dine in or take out if they only had your menu.
  • Stop Faxing Your Menu - Give out the web address of your online menu instead.
  • Seasonal Menus - Do you have a special menu for St. Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving or Mother's Day? Add it to The Grub Club® so everyone can view it.
  • Out of town visitors. Many travelers will scout out potential restaurants for the next visit to your city on the Internet before actually arriving. Many will make hotel reservations based on the local restaurants or visa versa. An online menu means you have a chance into tap into this market.
  • Wi-Fi !! Hotels and Motels are all advertising that they have Internet access to attract business travelers and wealthy clients. Once these clients have checked in they are going to setup their laptop computer and search for a good place to eat. No online menu means no way to tap this growing market.
  • Search Engines - Our database is optimized so that search engines can find your menu.
  • Menu Feeds - Have friends and associates show your up-to-date menu on their web sites or even power your existing site's menus with a Grub Club® Menu Feed. This will help you with search engines and drive traffic to your restaurant in general. This would be a great service for hotels and motels in your area. In exchange you could post some info about their business in your description or web site.
  • How many more reasons can you think of?


TheGubClub.com / aSureFit.com, Inc. has been a member of the Missoula Area Chamber of Commerce since 1999.

Do you believe that no one is looking for your restaurant online? As a web developer and marketer I spend a great deal of time looking over site statistics for many web sites. It amazes me how often I see that someone visited one of my sites looking for info on a restaurant. What is even more amazing is that typically the site mentioned the restaurant as a business in the area or a place to view local artists work. Imagine if they could actually link to your Grub Club® menu rather than just mention your name.

Missoula Chamber of Commerce Teams Up with TheGrubClub.com to help Food Service Businesses
August 29, 2006

The Missoula Chamber and The Grub Club®.com are happy to announce an alliance to help restaurants and caterers promote their businesses online. When a member business posts their menu at TheGrubClub®.com a link will be added to the Chamber's website pointing to that menu. TheGrubClub®.com will also add a highlight to the restaurant's listing noting that they are a chamber member. This new program should help the food service industry and ultimately benefit most businesses in the Missoula area.

Restaurant benefits:

  • Their Menu posted at TheGrubClub®.com for free
  • A link from the chamber site to their menu on TheGrubClub®.com
  • An enhanced listing on TheGrubClub®.com showing that they are a chamber member
  • More customers
  • Better service for existing customers

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