Missoula, MT
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Age 4 1/2 - working on walking

48 hour EEG

LifeFlighted to Seattle Childrens Hospital

At 6 months physical therapy begins

4 days old

The Grub Club® was started to help raise money for medical treatment and therapy for our 4year old daughter, MJ. Figuring that it is better to create an income than to give one time donations (though they will be gratefully accepted), we had this idea to let restaurants put their menus online for free. When we get enough menus and traffic to our web site, we can sell advertising. The advertising dollars will go to our daughter for therapy and equipment. For more information on MJ's situation please start here.

We can really use some help getting the word out. There are so many people to contact that there is no way we can make this work for MJ and still take care of her. Please review the following list and consider lending a hand.

Things you can do to help:

  • Pray for MJ's continued development, good health and complete healing.
  • Tell any restaurant owner or employee you know about our free service.
  • If you have a web site add a link to www.thegrubclub.com
  • Tell friends and family about The Grub Club®.
  • Add a tag line in your signature like:
    Your Name
    Supporting The Grub Club® - Free Restaurant Menus Online. www.thegrubclub.com
  • If you send out jokes put a similar line just before the joke so that everyone will see it. Hopefully anyone that forwards it on will leave the line in so that thousands of people will see it.
  • Request some business cards from us and give them out when you go out to eat. Just leave the card with your tip or ask your waiter to give it to the manager. We will mail them to you for free.
  • If you post any info or comments in online forums put a link to www.thegrubclub.com and a comment about Free Restaurant Menus Online.
  • Make a cash donation. Make Checks to: "MJ Larsen" and mail them to: Rich Larsen, PO Box 3285, Missoula, MT 59806
  • Go to www.thegrubclub.com and try it out. Let us know if you have any ideas on how to improve it or market it with little or no cash.

For those who want to get more active to help MJ:

  • Call or mail a post card to restaurants in your area and let them about our service. We can provide post cards if you would like to do this.
  • Talk to you favorite restaurant and ask them to donate gift certificates. Mail them to us at the address below and we will sell them on eBay.com. That will help the restaurant and MJ.
  • You could also offer to put the menu online for them. Just have them mail or preferably e-mail the menu along with a contact info plus a username and password. Then you can put the info online for them and get the process going sooner.
  • Post info about the Grub Club® in Blogs and usergroups on the Internet.
  • E-mail your friends about The Grub Club®.
  • Contact PR Firms to find a volunteer who knows how to get published in newspapers and magazines.
  • Contact Restaurant Suppliers - let them know that we can provide them with the ability to use our system to supply their customers with free online menus.

Got any other ideas? Please let us know.

Thank You for considering our request for help,
Rich and Christine Larsen
Missoula, Montana

The Grub Club®
PO Box 3285
Missoula, MT 59806

fax: - Please call first so that we can turn on the machine. Sorry for the inconvience. We are just getting so much fax spam this seems to be the only way to stop it.


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